True Life: I’m a Compulsive Shopper

I’m going to take a break from food and talk about some of my favorite episodes of True Life. (Even if they are a little old!) First, I’ll talk about one on the top of my list, True Life: I’m a Compulsive Shopper!

Here are the two girl that they featured:

Gabby: The then 18-year-old had gotten her parents into $10,000 of credit card debt. She said that her mom could never take her to the mall because of her MS, so her parents would just give her their credit cards and would just let her shop. She also maxed out two other credit cards. Gabby’s parents were very angry with her and wanted her to see a therapist.

Ali: The then 19-year-old who turned 20 later in the episode had gotten herself $15,000-$20,000 in debt. She worked the front door at a stip club and spent her tip money on clothes instead of bills. Towards the end of the episode, she started seeing a therapist. She also had a boyfriend named Kyle, who seemed to love her, but also seemed to be a little fed up.

First, let me tell you about some things that I’ve read since this episode aired. (I assume that you, the reader, have already seen this episode.) The part when Ali asked for $150 from Kyle to go shopping, I read that that was her money that she had asked him to hold on to. It wasn’t actually his.

I read that the reason why Gabby didn’t want to go to therapy is because she once saw a therapist, but it wasn’t a good experience for her. (I’ve seen some bad therapists, too, but I finally found the right one. Not all of them are the same!)

Something very interesting that I read is that MTV never aired any footage of Gabby going to banks to pay off her credit card debt. She said that she went several times while they were filming her and they even asked to go with her, but they never aired it.

I’ve read more than once that Ali wore the wigs because of a nail fungus that she had gotten from a salon that messed with the growth of her hair. That info could be wrong, but I’ve read it many times.

Gabby said that her calling her mother “Granny” had nothing to do with her MS. She said that she had nicknamed her mother that because she had a dog that loved her mom. Gabby said that she would say things to her dog like, “Do you want to sit on Granny’s lap?”

The last thing that I wanted to shared before I get to my opinion is that Gabby said that she did pay her parents back. When MTV called her up for an update, she told them that, but because they didn’t see it, they assumed that she was lying.

Now, I’ll voice my opinion. I love this episode, I really do. The thing is, I did get so annoyed at times. Here’s why:

1. Gabby took her mother’s credit card without permission. That made me very sad. I hope that she hasn’t done that since.

2. Ali decided that she was going to attend debtors anonymous meetings, but before she went, she went shopping for what she thought would be the last time. Kyle took her, but instead of telling her how upset he was, he told the camera. Ali then told Kyle that the jeans she wanted were $100 and that she had $80. She was able to get him to give her $20 more. Even though Kyle seemed like a great guy, he was enabling her. Plain and simple.

3. Ali went to sell some clothes at Plato’s Closet. While they looked through her clothes, she kept saying stuff like, “Oh, I want a navy blue tank top!” When Kyle asked if she wanted to go wait in the car, she seemed annoyed. That’s exactly what she should have done, waited in the car! She even said herself that there was a lot of temptation there. That was similar to an alcoholic walking into a bar and trying not to drink. There are some places that some people should just avoid. Now, did she end up buying anything there? No. But she bought something a few minutes later from Lee’s Wigs.

4. Gabby got a boob job. For the record, I once had smart lipo on my tummy, so no judgement there. The thing is, I wasn’t in debt. She was.

For the record, these girls are not as bad as people have made them out to be. People have said the meanest things about them and have called them all kinds of horrific names. The girls were not responsible at all, but I do believe that they can conquer their problem. (Yes, I do believe that they have a problem.)

I hear that Gabby is doing well and that Ali is still in debt. I pray for them and hope that they can live as normal lives as the possibly can.

Oh, by the way, there is a scene where Ali is having a birthday party with her friends. As the end of the scene, Ali is raising her glass and saying, “Cheears, guys!” Everyone else raises their glasses and one girl says, “Cheers to you!” When you hear that girl say that, look at the bottom of the screen on the right side. There is a girl who looks at the camera and strikes a pose! It’s too funny!

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